Saw Dad

Well saw dad and he was looking more yellow then before. but he doesn’t understand why he is yellow looking but he doesn’t say that he was in any form of pain either – so I can take that as a positive that as of this point in time he is pain free.

Being there to see him, is heart breaking to see him as he is now when I have all the memories of him before his fall – might to all be fond memories but they are decent memories nun the less, but now seeing him looking confused to degrees yet at the same time semi happy and acting positive (he lost his cell phone, yet instead of being anxious over lousing it he for the first time in 3 years doesn’t care that he doesn’t have it) about life in general and the fact that his cells gone awall on him.

We’re not replacing his cell, he doesn’t really need it. If he needs to talk to us he knows to go to the nursing station and have them call one of our cells and we know to call the station and ask for him if we wish to speak with him (not the ideal solution, but its more then workable all things considered).

Unfortunately when we got home I was starting to feel a scratchy throat and I hope that I am not coming down with something, I can’t afford to catch a cold now or ever really (though I know it will happen eventually it always does).

Well post more as time allows for it, take care everyone!



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