Who are you…

My mother taught me …… to be myself

My Father taught me ….. to use a camera

I’m Scared of ….. getting into an abusive relationship or being raped again

If I was stuck in a desert …. id like to have a mirror, a good book, and CB radio and a pen knife

When I look in the mirror ….. i tand to be naked

I always carry ….. my pouch

My 1st thing in the morning drink is …. milk

I am most proud of …. getting though university

My fave music is …. 80s

My fave Tv prog is …. MayDay

My fave soap opera is …. yuck

My fave sweets are …. Flakie

My fave resturant is …. Honey Bee

My fave fast food is …. Chinese

I love the colour …. forest green

As a child I loved …. my grandmother

A perfect night would be …. no idea

If I could wish for one thing … that my rapest got his just deserts

People are always surprised … at my level of activity, or my weight number

My best hangover cure is …. not to drink in the first place

The last time that I cried was …. end of Flags of Our Fathers (was sad for the native who got shafted
by his government)

I feel most comfortable when …. i’m allowed to be me

Every girl should learn …. how to act like a woman

Every boy should learn …. how to treat a women right (and no further sexist crap)

My favourite bit about school …. When it was over

My best friend is ….. Griff



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