1. What did you do last night?
Chatting online, worked on my LJ, played with my NeoPet

2. Who was the last person you called?

3. What does the 5th text on your phone say?
?? no idea

4. When was the last time you thought about sex?
just now because it was mentioned

5. When was the last time you got hurt?
a while ago

6. When was the last time you cried?

7. When was the last time you lost something?
can’t recall

8. What are you listening to right now?
Mac Geek Cab – PodCast

9. Why did your last relationship end?
mental and emotional abuse, and a few other things.

10. What bothers you the most about the opposite sex?
they always seem to be thinking about sex

11. Where was the best date you’ve ever been on?
never been on a date

12. When and how did you lose your virginity?
was Raped

13. Do you date more than one person at once?

14. What was the last movie you watched?
can’t remember

15. What was the last t.v show?
CSI DVD Season 1

16. What do you want for your b-day?
new G5 Quad Core

17. What are you doing tonight?
staying home

18. When will be the next vacation?
no idea

19. When was the last time you said something you regret?
several times the past week

20. When was the last time you received good news?
hmmm a while back

21. When was the last time you did something totally on impulse – and what was it?
went home with a stranger I just meet at a party – stupid move

22. Did you regret it?
see above

23. How do you feel right now?

24. Do you have a crush on anyone?

25. What is your current ringtone?
don’t have one

26. You die tomorrow. What’s the last piece of advice you want remembered?
She was a fighter

TMO To Go Podcast – Mac Geek Gab #26: Getting Geeky With PhotosDave Hamilton & John F. Braun



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