Question of the Day

How many hours of television do you watch in a week?  A month?  A year?

I honestly do not know since we do not have cable. I watch the TV on our old Xbox, which means YouTube, NetFlix or the like…

I know YT says I have spent over 100 hours in a month on it, yet that doesn’t mean that I was actually watching it since I also tend to leave it running for playing music form my playlist and we both tend to fall asleep to one program or another being played so the reality is I can’t say how much actual tube time I have since it is uncommon that I am just sitting there outright watching what is on the screen (90% of the time it is on and I”m doing something else around the apartment).

Netflix isn’t a big draw for me I watch it from time to time as the mood strikes so I might watch a couple of hours a week of it.

Any other video media source like twitch, or the like might be a couple of hours for the entire month.



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