Question of the Day

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?

I honestly do not know any more where I would like to travel to for a vacation. Part of me says back to the Isle of Man, but the hassle of flying and likely not being able to bring Storm or Payton (do to their laws on SAs) plus needing my mobility aid and medications and with Norman’s Seizures it just seems like too much of a task to embark on to various degrees.

Then there is see more of Canada, take Norman to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, PEI, New Brunswick, etc. I haven’t been there and I think it would be a lovely area to travel to and see, but again mobility is an issue as is cost and the fact that NS actually as certification for SDs makes it grrr to degrees and the other provinces don’t really even have SD protection so that makes traveling to them semi problematic. The same could be said for going to BC or Alberta (it also has certification for SD’s)

Maybe another Alaskan Cruse would be an idea (but then you get the whole cost of it and the fact each ship only has 2 cabins which are chair accessible and since it’s a foreign liner anything medical that happens you have to pay upfront for – soya that puts that off the table as even a remote possibility.

Maybe going to Disneyland would actually be the best idea, since we can get actual travel insurance to cover us if anything happened that needed medical treatment. The ADA pretty much covers Storm and Payton and guarantees me decent access with my wheelchair. Plus some of the acceptability reviews I’ve watched about it from those using wheelchairs have been very positive that it might well be one of those places that positive memories could be made, the only downside being the heat and how I don’t do well with it.



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