Question of the Day

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

So many things come to mind, top of the list would be as follows…

    A custom-built wheelchair that fits me correctly one that is motorized and one that is manual so I have the option between the two to use as my body allows for it.
    A custom-built vehicle that is built to carry either chair plus have room for our SDs without being overly cramped.
    A home that is customized to be wheelchair/mobility friendly towards my needs and that of my husband.
    New Mac computer as the top of the line as I could get and packed full of memory, along with the latest MacBook and a top of the like Chromebook
    I’d also hire a cook to make our meals, private PT to help me with my medical problems, and keep me as mobile as possible, hire someone to clean the place a couple of times a week.
    I’d invest a good portion of the funds in diverse areas so that it will continue to grow and pay a monthly wage to sustain things.
    I’d also donate to various charities that I have an interest in.

There are other things I am sure that I would do, but all of the above is contingent on my state of health at the time and other medical needs that we have, as each of them takes time to happen (a custom chair can take a couple of weeks to fabricate for a mobile chair and even longer for a motorized version …. a vehicle would have to wait until the chairs where built-in general so it could be properly fitted to work for the chairs in general … and … a home that is customized would not be a fast thing, it would either have to be built from the ground up or an existing place would have to be highly renovated to meet current and future needs – with the way it could be a good year before such a home would be even an option thus other accommodations would have to be made in the meantime).

I also know that I would like to travel, so that is something else that would have to be taken into consideration when it comes to accessibility – which would mean either private aircraft or commercial aircraft options, and we’d also have to have an attendant who would be able to help us navigate the country we are traveling to (likely a local hire who knows the local laws on accessibility and the ins and outs of getting around the cities we wish to visit).



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