Question of the Day

Are you an early adopter or late-adopter?

It all depends, on some things I am early on most things I am late. Why? simple funds you can’t be an early adopter unless you have the funds to afford things when they come out and are at the prim in cost, thus getting the item later on down the road when it’s cheaper if it is still something that is of use or interest to me makes way more sense.

But in areas that it doesn’t involve funds, it still varies as some things it takes me a while to come around to understanding, and even then I might join but still not make full use of it because I just haven’t been able to get into it.

Facebook and IG I jumped on almost at the start (within a month of their public launce) but thinks like TikToc I’ve joined but I am still trying to figure my way with it and it just isn’t fitting me very well as yet.



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