30 Days of Truth – Day 28

Its the last day of the month and Day 28 of the 30 Days of Truth, tomorrow starts a new 30 Days of, but also continues with more of the 30 Days of Truth. Todays blog topic is on What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

I’ve had this particular thought go though my mind more then a few times since before I became sexually active and each time it ended with the same option, having an abortion. That having a child wasn’t the right choice for me.

Once I actually became sexually active the though was always on my mind after I had sex and big time on my mind after I was raped, it scared the world out of me that the person who raped me might have left something behind, test after test showed negative yet months later I had what I feared most happen a positive test result.

Lucky for me before I could get myself to the doc or local health clinic my body aborted it, so didn’t have to go though with the plans Id had set up with my GP should the issue happen. But my greatest fear was still up to a few years ago that I’d end up preg and not know I was until it was to late to do anything about it and be forced to go though labor and what not. Making the choice of adoption or to keep and all that it would entail.

But nature took its course with me, it said not children of your body and in May 2008 I ended up with an emergency Hysterectomy and had it all taken out, so the possibilities of having a child of my body went from a possibility to very much improbable. Yes my body could still end up pregnant, but without a womb to carry a fetus to term anything that could get fertilized in theory should just get reabsorbed into my body as a non-viable substance.

But yes there is still that oh so small change that it could be an ectopic or the like, but in that case its still not viable (that sort of thing could actually kill me), the only way in reality I know I could have a child of my body would be if Norman was actually fertile and we used one of his sperm and one of my eggs and get a serrate to carry our child for us. But that’s not much of an option s since he’s shooting blanks and I don’t have any viable eggs that I know of.



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