30 Days of Questions – Day 24

Well it is now Day 24 of the 30 Days of Questions and todays question is “Do you celebrate Easter? If so how? Do you have any traditions?

Simple answer is No I do not celebrate Easter as it now stands, more in depth answer is yes it is observed and yes for my folks we do observe it but as a couple it doesn’t mean much, we have a sit down dinner as a family unit that we might not other wise have during the week, but other then that nothing.

Today we attended the local Easter Parade, I use to be in it when I was a child but the older I got the less I use to be interested in it, and how well it holds little to no interest to me, mostly because of all the screaming sugar high children that are in attendance.

This years was worse then last with all the children screaming, running around and shouting “Give ME!!!!, Give MEEEEEEE” its like hello anyone ever heard of “Give Me, Give Me, Never Get, Don’t You Know Your Manners Yet?” which translates into I guess they don’t. At least by their actions that is what I see because they scream and get regarded for the negative behavior, gone are the days when such a deal would get you carted off and no chance of sweets (or at least for those I grew up with and myself that was how it was, you where that uncontrolled and rude to stranger you where not at the location for long, but back home).

I’ll be posting video and pic’s shortly just need to get then off my phone.



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