30 Days of Me – Day 26

Well its growling ever closer to the end of the 30 days of Me, its now Day 26 and to day the topic for me to write on is What you think about your friends.

Well I love my BFF he is my world and my life, of course I mean Norman since he is about my only friend I have, most other’s out there are friends yes but since I hear very little from them day to day or week to week or even month to month I can’t say they are big time friends since for the most part we have nothing in common outside of a few areas.

I wish I could say that I had a few close friends other then Norman, but I can’t say that. I don’t have anyone to socialize with much less talk to over the phone or though any number of chat programs. A few who I though where friends dropped me over the years because I’m not like them any more in their eyes. I can’t have a child and I’m childfree by choice, the can’t have children part earned me getting dropped by all of those I went to university with, I was no longer a female in their eyes that was worth knowing (sighs, some of the FB notes that they left me when they learned i was needing a hysterectomy for my life and health where rather hurtful to say the least).

I’m trying to make new friends within the Childfree community but with the lack of funds getting out to the local meet ups and gatherings isn’t happening and the lists are just not working since I’m not much for email anymore (use to be, but of late forums, twitter and facebook and the like I find work best). I’d love to make more pagan friends, but even that community is hard to communicate with and outside of being pagan I have little in common with many it does feel (most it seems are wishing or already have children, its hard to find others within it who are childfree, hence trying to connect with the childfree community and other pagans within it as possible).

Now when it comes to online only friends, that I can say I have a pretty good group of people within the Diabetic and Childfree communities to share with and talk to, so they do make the world seem less alone then it other wise would feel.

Oh well everything happens for a reason and in time N and I will build up our group of friends, for now we have each other and that is a good starting point.



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