30 Days of Me – Day 23

Its now Day 23 of the 30 Days of Me, and todays topic is for me to write about Something you crave a lot.

Not an easy task because the term crave to me makes me think of food and in short there is no food of late that I have had a craving for, years ago I use to have various food cravings and they use to mean different things to me. Such as if I craved Beef and Broccoli then it meant that I was needing more iron in my diet because I was lacking that mineral, if was craving sushi it was a similor deal it meant that I wasn’t getting enough iodin or the like in my diet thus my body was telling me what it was needing.

However, most of those cravings have long since disappeared on me. Its like the hysterectomy I had in 2008 did something that stopped those cravings, I still get some of them from time to time now, like if I crave popcorn or chips its my body asking for more salt.



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