30 Days of Me – Day 22

Well it is Day 22 of the 30 Days of Me and the topic for today is What makes you different from everyone else. Well how I look at it is that everyone is different, because everyone is an individual thus I am different from everyone else because I am an individual in my own right.

As to what makes me different out side of that my personality is my own though I might well share common interests with other people out there and likes and dislikes. I believe that my own personal set of experiences are what have made me into who I am today, these experiences no other’s have experienced as I have experienced them because they are not me so if they had experienced them it would be different because they might well see things differently then I see them or dun things differently then I did.

Thus when all is said and dun, I’m different from other people because I believe I am different.



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