30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 17

Its Day 17 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge, thus today I am to answer the question Your favorite “asexual” movie.

To me most movies are of the asexual nature because I don’t watch a lot of movies that are of the XXX nature. Take the movie Norman and I watched this morning called “Exit to Eden” its R rated because of the on screen simulated sex and out right nudity yet those scenes didn’t take away from the movie and how they where shown just made it more comical then sexual to either of us.

When it comes down to it for the movie itself we both agreed that it was a great Semi-Kinky Comedy and a movie that we both would like to add to our collection should we find the movie one day.

So I know for most that this movie doesn’t come under the asexual area but for it me it does because of 1 it being an actual comedy 2 it wasn’t an XXX flick so any sex or the like is always of the simulated nature and thus alway rather funny to watch when you listen to the music that tends to be played when it takes place.

Oh well, you wont fully non-sexual stuff watch Disney or the like other wise any movie can have sexual undertones or what have you going on.



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