Well Norman and I went to Pride for the first time in a few years, we keep meaning to attend but for what ever reason we keep having to miss it until today. We got up semi early to take the pups for their morning walk then got home feed them and started to get things ready to head down to Pride.

When we arrived we noticed that there where a lot more people here this time round then there was a few years back, so that was interesting to see. But sadly this time round there was nothing for those who are intersexed like there had been several years ago which was a disappointment to say the least.

I ended up getting a ACE Flag for Storms vest to be worn under it, which turned out to be a good idea (made the vest sit better on her, less rubbing it seems. That and people seemed to like seeing her wearing it, guess it was different enough from what other’s where sporting (which was the rainbow) that she stood out in her own right so to speak.

Managed to get a can of the Pride Pepsi that was out specially for the event itself (all prides) so that was great to find (part of me wishes I’d gotten more then the single can, but its dun and gone now).

Storm did very well despite the number of people and all the sites and loud sounds, she did seem to be a little unhappy with the TTC traveling but I think that is more to the fact that she is use to traveling in the van and isn’t yet use to traveling on a Bus so its something that needs to be worked on that is for sure.

post more as time passes, take care.



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