Playing Catch Up

It has been a while since I was let on a few sites such as LinkedIn or even regular FaceBook (yes I do use them, but of late its mostly been mobile based and I’ve found that as nice as mobile might be its not as good at times as the actual site is to visit).

Been going though a lot of changes of late, some of them small others have required a massive overhaul to my life and very being that it has been not day to adjust to my new reality from what I’d thought of as my life.

There is still a lot of changes that will be happening as the months go by, with luck most of it will be positive changes but with life there will also be some negative ones that I’ll have to pull myself though to the other side I am sure (I prey that I have the strength to do so when the time comes).

Storms training is progressing, some hitches yes but that’s not unexpected since she is a living breathing being and not a robot thus some down time and redirection is expected to happen from time to time and has been taken into account.

I am very pleased with her behaviour at the ER during Norman’s time there and with how she handled riding in the back of the ambulance. I never really gave it any thought that she wouldn’t be able to do it, never even crossed my mind. What did cross my mind was how was I going to handle two service dogs at once that had me stumped for a few moments when the EMTs where assessing Norman before heading to the ER.

But I really didn’t need to worry both where on the best behaviour and since I’ve worked both of them at once since getting Storm they worked very well in tandom when the time came that they needed to do so, for which I am very thankful and pleased with them both (yes they got plenty of extra treats when we got home for their efforts, even if they didn’t understand why they got a treat).

I’ve given Storm a little break from some training after the ER visit, to let her decompress and be a pup but I’ve also been taking her to PetSmart and putting her though her deal in as a relaxed manner as possible (letting her meet other pups there as is agreeable between me and the pups parent). This has proven to be good down time for her I feel as she’s acting more alert and eager to please (but that could also be hormones coming into effect – since she’s finished her cycle).

Other wise we still haven’t been back to church, which I’m sad to say isn’t great for the two of us but health wise it has proven a minor problem to get there. I am hopeful that we’ll be able to restart attending in the new year, but like all things it depends on whats going on with my health and Norman’s health (if I get so I can actually sit for extended periods of time without extra pain or being around groups of people without the sensory overload happening it would make going much easer also).

My computers are no longer updatable, all software is now as it is can’t update anything for major updates as in i’m stuck at the versions of safari that fit my systems, any updates to Photoshop, InDesign etc are stuck where they are as neither can download the newest update as my processors are now considered to slow.

What does this mean in general? it means access email is slower and even my phone won’t load email very well so email wise I’m stuck waiting for it to work at any given time (phone wise it takes forever to update so emails the come in at times don’t show up for a day or two … comp wise it means some emails don’t load past what have loaded from the past 12 hours or they will but first 12 hours loads then take time before another 12 hours will load and so forth and so on = big time annoyance when trying to go though email and respond).

Well hope everyone is doing well, take care!



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