Remington logoWell it was a LONG day spent the day at a Golf Course taking photo’s of a tournament that was taking place, it wasn’t a paid position but a voluntary thing – but free food was part of the mix so that was at least something for all there wasn’t much of a option for those who are Vegan or Celiac, but I really didn’t expect there to be a option for that either.

Got up at 6am so I could get everything together and was out the door by 7am and I arrived at 7:45 – 15 minutes before I was suppose to be there (8am). I got my marching orders for the day and started taking random shots and some artistic style shots, mostly playing with the camera (we’d just gotten the Pentax K-50 the week before so it was actually my first event using it).

The event like a lot of them didn’t start on time, but that’s nothing new. Once it had started I got into position and started getting the shots of the people going off by two’s in their golf carts, after that I had to wait around until someone came to take me around as they for some strange reason didn’t feel right in giving me a cart of my own (yet they where more then willing to give one to my dad if he’d been able to do it).

So I was taken to a part of the course and dropped off and left for about an hour to take what photo’s I pleased of those in the tournament as a result by 10am I had already taken 10k worth of steps and a couple hundred plus photo’s of which I knew not all would be workable, but easer to take them and not need them then need them and not have taken them, so to speak.

It was funny as I was dropped off at a spot that I had no idea was close to the train tracks because while there a train went by and I raced to get into a position to be able to at least take a few photo’s of the train (would have liked to have gotten better shots of it, but I got what I could), which I know are not part of the tournament but more a personal interest thing – but since the course where I was at the time was next to 0 people on it, I really wasn’t doing anything wrong.

After this I walked further along the course and low and behold the bloke who was giving me a lift around the course comes and asks how I got there, and I said “walked” he shook his head and took me to the area that was where people would be getting their lunch from (hotdogs – without a vegan or vegetarian option, but they did have a GF option as the meat was GF). So I set myself up in that area and started taking shots of the various people in the tournament including a few good shots that look almost out of a Golf Journal/Magazine (or they do from what I saw on the back of the camera, not looked at the image in full on the comp yet).

After lunch I was picked up again and driven to the start of the course, in the process we had to give a boost/lift to a cart that was dead – so it gave a new meaning to Bumper Carts as the cart I was in actually pushed another cart up and down the hills and right into the repair bay (even got a shot of it – wish I’d had the mind to get my phone out to video it as it was a wild ride).

After this I puttered around the base area, taking more shots of people plus getting a little bit of a rest – but this point in time (3pm) I’d logged 20k worth of steps and was starting to feel it in my back and lets to various degrees.

In short order, I saw people going inside and I followed and started taking photo’s of people in the dinning area that where getting things together for the Dinner that was going to be served, plus got images of the silent auction that was also being hosted. Oh there where several things I would have loved to have put a bet down on to get, but that so wasn’t happening unfortunately.

Dinner soon started and I was seated with the volunteers – the first course was a salad which was alright it was small and limp and not very tasty, it was followed by a call for people to go look at the silent auction tables and to put their bids in so I got up and started taking more shots of the people in the room, then the main course was served. Beef with gravy and veggies and potatoes was 90% of the fair the rest was pasta with veggie sauce – so ya their GF option was not great if you are not a meat eater. After main course speeches where given and again I was up and taking photo’s after the speeches where given a last call was called for bidding and I was still so temped to do at least one bid, but I managed not to do so (which I am now kicking myself over since it was a great deal on the item and something that I’d actually have been able to use) at any rate during the speeches dessert was served and it was totally NOT GF friendly nor was it vegan friendly so that didn’t happen, which was sad but not unexpected.

After everything the auction was closed and the papers where collected and the winners announced and I got several shots of the various winners with their winnings, after that it was over and people soon started to leave, at which point in time I also packed it up and show things down to head home myself, but not before stopping to take a few images of the sky with my cell that caught my attention (ya I’d packed the K-50 away so my cell was faster to get at for the photos of the sky).

Post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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