Peeks of Interest

Here is a listing of Books, DVDs, and much more that have peeked my interest over the years. Where possible I have also added a link to it on Amazon plus a link to my review of it within my blog if I have dun such a review (many I don’t have on as yet dun up, but working on it as time allows).

Childfree and Loving It! – Its on my xmas list of books I’d like to get, so no review of it as yet to be posted.

Baby Not on Board: A Celebration of Life without Kids – Its a good read if you are ChildFree in general from what I’ve thumbed though of it, I like some of the come back lines they have proven useful over the past several months.

No Kids: 40 Good Reasons Not to Have Children – I said in a blog post that I wonted this book, and I still do just haven’t found it in local stores yet (short of ordering it online I’m still waiting for my local book shop to get it in).

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the MetaverseI have this book haven’t actually reviewed it yet, but its now rather out of date, still relevant for the most part but parts of it are no longer so (like anything that comes out in print for a program happens to).

What No One Tells the Bridelooked though it in the local book shop, added it to my to get book list.

Absolute ZeroNot a great film by any means, but if you have an interest in natural disasters its worth watching. Yes I do have the movie and I have watched it about 20 times in the past 3 months.

Macintosh Software
Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard Well I got the upgrade to add onto Leopard that I already have, it is an interesting upgrade that is for sure, but for me it means over half my programs no longer work so till I get the income to upgrade those programs I’m stuck on regular Leopard or Tiger … the Mac Box Set – (with Snow Leopard) looks like it might have been a good idea over just the upgrade on its own, but I didn’t see the reason to get it cause what I have can’t run it as it is and what can well needs a bigger HD if I was going to use those program to any major degree.

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home & Student EditionI do have a review for this around somewhere I just have to find what I wrote about it. But I can say that if you are into needing to use Word, PowerPoint and the freeware programs out there that will do it will not cut it, this update to the pervious version is a good upgrade in general (but it has a few glitches on snow leopard, for me it was always crashing when I tried to open large files, or left entourage running to long).

The Sims 2Love this game, I can louse myself for hours playing it.



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