One HOT September 2017!

September 2017 has been a fripping HOT month one of the hottest that I can actually remember, talk about bleepers. We do not tend to have our air/fans going in September as it tends to be cool enough to not need them, but this year that so wasn’t the case buy any means.

I can honestly say that I don’t know how I would have survived it without having a little bit of A/C – if we where not able to have it I honestly think we’d have ended up in the ER with heat stroke or something from how both Norman and I where feeling when we where out and about running errors or just being in the kitchen of the house (no active A/C).

I totally know that I wouldn’t have been able to handle working doing the school photography I once did in that type of heat, I know I use to have to deal with a version of it over the 4 years I did do it, but I honestly do not think we ever got the temps that we’ve seen this year (I could of course be wrong).

But regardless I hope that the weather is going to start to shift to being cooler for everyone, part of me welcomes the cooler months yet part of me would be happy with a combo of coolish weather that is good enough for a light sweater and slacks but not needing a parka.

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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