No Church :(

Well that tickle that started Friday is more then a tickle apparently my immune system is not up to keeping me from getting ill as I was hoping it would be so, because of that we chose to stay home today and let my body rest and try and let my system recoup as much as possible – sadly that didn’t fully happen as for some stronge reason the fire alarm in our unit went off without any known trigger to set it off.

One moment I’m sleeping getting what rest I can and the next a high pitched sound blaring with a strobe light, I end up in the hallway in my nightshirt (ya I totally forgot to grab my robe as I trembled out of the bedroom and out into the hallway – lucky for me Norman did grab it for me. The manintance people came and it took them a good 30 minutes to get it turned off, just as they thought they had it off it would start up again and again and again, until finally they got it stopped completely by which time Payton was letting Norman know that something was up and sure as rain norman doesn’t even make it to the bedroom before he does the 1 2 3 floor (got lucky that he ended up half on the bed before falling onto the pillows that where at the side of the bed).

He ended up with two clonic tonic’s and I was thinking I’d need to call it in, but he came out of it before the time limit happened. The maintenance person knocked at the door and saw norman on the floor convulsing and he was like “do I need to call the EMTs?” and I was like “not yet, i’ll let you know if that changes” and with that he walked off. Sighs, so NOT a good day in that regards, in other part because as he was coming out of his seizure I went into a mini Dystonia (Dystonia is a neurological disorder that causes excessive, involuntary muscle contractions. These muscle contractions result in abnormal muscle movements and body postures, making it difficult for individuals to control their movements. The movements and postures may be painful.) storm that left me feeling like I had run a marathon.

After all that we both ended up having a little bit of a sleep in our own fashion, now its just a matter of getting things together for tomorrow.



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