nice work, good work, more work

Well still have work for Monday, as of this posting which is a good thing. I got along well with the other team member, at least I felt I did and I think he thinks the same since he did say be back Monday, so I took that as a good sign.

It looks like its going to be interesting work, at least from what I was working on today it does. Was working on part of the project, for something like 6 hours, when the program I was using decided to take a vacation on me and ended up curipting the file I was working one, even though I had saved multiple files, it didn’t matter all but the first had somehow been crupted, which was really a piss off, but it happens a fair amount I was told.

Nun the less, after all the fiddling around, I had to start from scratch and I had an hour to rebuild what had taken me 6 hours to start with – I did manage to do it, save for one minor thing, which is alright since that feature of the program appears to have disappeared, when the computer restarted, so the boss is looking into it and will know more about it Monday.

Did a minor mind falling out deal, forgot the manual to the program that the boss had gotten for me to read over the weekend, only remembered it when I was out the door, and there was no going back – cause he’d already left. So looks like no weekend reading, but some fast reading and what not monday when I get in – sighs.

Well short posting, take care everyone.



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