New iPod shuffle and other Apple News

Hmmm well it does appear that there is a new iPod on the market, and it comes in at $89.00 Canadian, which is a prity good deal since well the orginal shuffle was just over 100.00 bucks.

I actually might get the new one while I wait to get the iPod Video (its comeing down in price slowly it does appear), though like everything I might not since well I am not a fan of the shuffle to start with (don’t like the random factor that much, but hay it might be a good option for my work outs).

Aperture is also apparently being offered for a 30 day free trial to anyone who wishes to download it and take it for a test drive. This is good news for dad, since I know he’s interested in that application (me i’m not sure if its of interest to me or not – since I don’t really know much about it, since its not aimed at graphic designers but Photographers).

The iSight is also coming down in price which does mean that I should be able to get it shortly, which means my podcasts might shortly be online (have a few already with my old mic, but lets put it this way ummm they sound terable).

Well take care everyone



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