Well its been a few months since we first got our membership and it is proving to be a good option. I am pleased that they have dun the gift card option for it, because I was never interested in putting my CC on file (that just did sit well with me on any level).

N and I are enjoying watching some of the shows that we’ve not seen since we where younger and in many cases Ns never seen because they where only ever shown here in Canada apparently. I do find it strange that for all Canada might have fewer options for shows compared to the US the quality of the shows that are on off seem to be better or at least more interesting on various levels (though at times some that the US has would be nice to see).

Right now though we’re going though watching of all series “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” which have always reminded me of Voltron, which is maybe why I actually started watching it when it first lunched in the 90s – though once again it was one of those shows that after a couple of seasons I stopped watching it because I lost interest in it.

I think funds permitting that we likely are going to continue to subscribe to it since the shows on offer are interesting to watch, that and I’m actually able to watch my beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation from the start to finish (I missed most of season 7 because I was in university at the time and watching it just didn’t happen do to classes and needing to study, so I finally am able to watch the last season – but where actually going though it season by season slowly first since N’s never seen all the eps).

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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