My Life Thus Far

Well I went to my OB/Gyn and it was all good news, the tests that had been dun some 3 months ago where all in good order, no negative things to learn about (my bones are strong and healthy, as are my other organs – save my overies which are as they are seeing as I have POCS).

I got my next injection of depro, as it was recommended that I continue on the injection regardless of it I’m in a relationship or not since its about the only solution for dealing with the PCOS that is currently open to me (since testing out both control pills is out do to other medical problems, same goes for estrogen or progesterone creams, thus Depro is the only proven method that I can work with that we both currently know about).

I had been thinking about stopping the injections because I wasn’t in a relationship any longer, but after talking it out, and thinking about it staying with the injections is the best deal since its likely that if I go off I might cycle but with the prospects that it might be a continuous cycle or just start bleeding without them being able again to stop it without “drastic measures being take” just doesn’t appeal to me, at least on the Depro my body thinks things are normal thus its not giving me the hassles it once was giving me (since i was like 8 years old).

In other medical news, well I might still be feel down to various degrees depending on the day, the hour, etc but at least I know I’m starting to heal to degrees. It still hurts that I left him, and it still hurts to think about what might have been had I not left him. But I also know that without work, there wouldn’t have been any ways of keeping things as we had them, nor would I even have the use of a credit card (not that I really do at the moment, but still I’d have had less of a use of it had I stayed) to various degrees.

I know that feeling down is part of the growth of leaving him and the situation I found myself in, it is also part of life and growing and moving on with ones life, in fact I might actually be really worried if I didn’t feel anything about leaving him, to me that would have been worse off then what I am actually feeling at least I am feeling something.

Well I hope everyone is doing well, take care.



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