My Canadian Amazon Wish Lists

There are so many things online that I like and would love to have, so I have created lists within my Amazone account to track some of those items, I’m posting them here as much as to give friends and family ideas as to what I would like for gifts as much for my own reference to items that I am looking at getting as funds permit me to do so in general.

Granted this doesn’t help for sites which have nothing to do with Amazon, but since those mostly don’t allow public sharing they are harder for me to keep track of so I’ve mostly just focused on what is on Amazon as my main area for getting items from (though Wish is great, their shipping record and actual product matching what you are paying for has been an epic miss for the most part in the past).

Nyx’s General Wish List
items that span a wide range that I’ve not moved into a narrower listing

10.00 and Under List
items that can be gotten for under 10.00 CAD but doesn’t necessarily mean free shipping unfortunately.

Adult Colouring Books
most books are under 10.00 but sadly some of the shipping for the odd one puts the cost over 10.00 but in general, this list is all the adult colouring books that I’d eventually like to have to use.

Apartment Decor
mostly items that I like and many which I would like to get a version thereof to make our apartment feel more like a home and organized (though in some cases the item is more for decoration than actual function)

Arts and Crafts
as many who know me know that I am creative and this list to degrees are items that I like or use in a creative method (like the colouring pencils/markers/etc), the diamond dots is a new thing that both Norman and I have gotten into doing to help pass the time and be creative at the same time.

as it is getting harder and harder to find clothing in the store I’ve been looking here for items that I like and hope to eventually get.

Food and Essential Shopping Items
as the title implies there are items that are consumed some of them are items that we do use on the virtual daily such as the dog food, other items are used yes but more on a here and there bases as they are mostly considered to be a treat item do to their cost or ability to actually get them on the regular (outside of online buying).

like when I lived in a house I still enjoy growing plants and moving into an apartment hasn’t changed that, thus this is the list of items to various degrees that I would like to eventually get to have my new dream garden

Medical Aids/Would Like List
this list is a mix of medical equipment and items that would make life with my disabilities easer to various degrees

Service Dog List
yes I have items that I wish to get for Storm and Payton which are geared towards the job that they have for us, thus this list I do plan on getting the items here as time and funds allow for them to be gotten

Storm, Payton and Spirts List
well there are items that are specific to their working life, this list has 100% nothing to do with that side of things and everything to do with just them being who they are companions in our life who should enjoy their time also.



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