More shopping

Well did a little more shopping, this time around though I didn’t get anything for me but got stuff for Norman’s and my home, and in doing so realized that the place we currently have is a little to large for what we have prim wise for the land.

We got a fair number of high prim objects already in the place and have almost run out of prims as it is .. sighs, so its either downgrade the house itself to a smaller prim count or find another place of land to rent that has a higher prim count, which I prefer not to do if I can well help it. Mostly because the current property is right beside my shop that I work in, so is ideal for poping over to etc.

Well just have to talk it over with Norman see what he has to say about the matter, though knowing him he will be alright with down grading the size of the place to something less primmy (though the downgrade is only a saving of like 62 prims from what we currently have, not a lot but at the same time it might well be, since the land only supports 421 prims in total).



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