Live Steaming on Twitch

Well for the past week and change I have actually be daily live streaming on Twitch, been trying to get into the habit of doing a stream but it is proving to be harder to get into the habit of it then I first thought it would be, mostly because I am not use to using a headset as part of the deal. I’m using to gaming on my own without needing to do any commentary, yet when you twitch stream commentary or talking to those who join your stream is how to create followers and the like, so I have been doing my best to try and do this and for me it is not a easy task to accomplish sadly.

My stutter isn’t bad of late, but it does have its moments during a stream that it is very noticeable or at least to me that is the case.

I am also in the process of downloading each stream and converting it into a format for upload onto YouTube, with its own commentary, but the editing of the streams is taking WAY longer then I first thought it would. I first thought it would be a fast simple deal of download th steam and do a few cuts add in commentary and ready for upload – how so wrong that turned out to actually be.

Streaming for 5 hours means there is a LOT of dead time in the stream, when I have gone to the WC or needed to get something to drink – had a hacking fit trying to talk so had to stop what I was doing and it just sits there recording doing 100% nothing, so all that needs to be edited out and as good as iMovie is for scrubbing and what not it is proving to be not as great for the detailed editing that I am needing to work on it does feel.

As a result I still haven’t even finished working on the FIRST stream that I did of my Minecraft Let’s Dig series. I thought I would be at least half way, but nope not even finished the first edit/run though. So seems the series is going to take longer to move to YT then expected. Which means time it ends up there I likely will have another in the works or be working on a Let Play for the Sims4 (not sure what my next one will be right now as i’ve semi fallen away from Sims4 atm, mostly just playing it at my leisure atm then anything with a direction like I need for a Let’s Play series).

I am hoping to be able to get more into doing streaming as time progresses as it seems to be how a lot of things are currently going online, big time with such things as TikTok and the like so this you can say is part of my journey into a new area of social media that up to recently I have very little experience with.

See you around the web!



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