Life Is Not Easy For Some This Week

Well I might not have the same TV access to the news that I had since Monday (main reason is because the free news feed that was going on stopped September 1st 2005 the free news feeds that I was watching where Previews – as in trying to get you to buy that pack to get that station/channel), but what I have been able to see about what’s happening in the US, does have me miffed to various degrees, in part with the US, and in part with the US government.

I finally a few min ago managed to track down a site, which had new feeds on what is happening down there, cause I can’t find any radio feeds that are currently working, at least not which work on my mac, which is a piss off.

Yesterday, I was getting miffed with what I was hearing because I was hearing that Canada wasn’t sending aid, at least that was what I was hearing from the US networks, yet I know Canada had said to the US government if they needed aid, it would be there (it was unofficial, but it had been offered), then officially yesterday aid was offered to the US, and from what I have heard from the Canadian networks the US is saying they might take our help, they “might”.

Like hello! Might take the help, that is nuts. We make the offer, and the US government says they might take the help (K they might not know how much help they do need, but still to say that they don’t need it yet, they smells funny). To me that means skru the help, or rather how about we say we are not sending our gas to the US, and let the US figure out what to do without the gas they get from Canada. K that is harsh, and punishes those who need the gas and help, but well since the environmental impact that Bush has dun to the environment lifting some of the gas bans, that is not right.

Yes I am bitter towards the US at the moment, cause all I hear is why aren’t **** helping, or other deals. From what I can see from what I have heard, yes it is not good what has happened, but they chose to live there, they chose to vacation there. They all new the choices they made, by being there when the storm hit (never mind those who couldn’t get out because of physical, mental, etc disabilities, those to me don’t count, but those who where able bodied had ways of getting out – even if it meant walking they could have left). Ones life is not worth one’s possessions, at least to me that is the case, I’d rather be alive and as healthy as possible then, half dead and have my stuff (and that includes my computer system – which is to me my life and very important to me).

I do feel for those who are trying to get out of the city right now, who have been without food, water, sanitary facilities and other basics of life. It isn’t a good life, and for some it is really bad, since they survived the hurricane, survived to be rescued only to die waiting on a bridge or where have you waiting for help to come, which from all I have heard, is there, but isn’t there as it should or could be.

I do not know the population of the areas which have been flooded or hit by the hurricane, but one thing I am sure, no one will be rebuilding anytime soon, and those that are able to rebuild well all the luck to them. Though to a degree I think that area should be left to mother nature, and allowed to be reclaimed by mother nature, since it seems she wishes to have it back. But it is peoples homes, thus I know it will not be left to be reclaimed by mother nature which means she’ll have another crack at getting it back at some future date.

Hearing the info in regards to how people have been acting, such as shooting at the rescue personal, that is really nuts not to mention not a smart idea. I can understand some of the looting such as for basics of survival (food, drinks, and basic clothing, as well as other essentials to life), but going after TVs, and other electronics now that is not right, then again going after batteries and battery operated radios and TV, those I don’t think are wrong to get to a degree since well you do have to know what is happening if you possibly can learn it, cause what you learn might help save your life.

It is good to hear that some people are finding a safe place to stay, such as the Astrodome, though I can imagine that some people over time will be less pleased with all the people who have been displaced, and will tire of having them in their area, adding to their personal expenses to what ever degree, such as taxes.

I know those who are not in the area, will be affected, and to a degree we already are, especially when it comes to gas, which from it sounds like in parts of the US is running low or something, but the price keeps going up and up, I know here in Ontario its gone up, about 20% over night actually, the highest I saw yesterday was $120.50L.

The impact on North America in the months to come, will likely see a increase in gas prices, as well as other areas of life such as buying foods (such as bread, fruit, vegetables, sugar, and other products). I know that bread prices are going up, since apparently Westons Bakery next week is increasing its prices on its bread products.

The price on living in general will also likely be affected such as when it comes to hydro, that is likely to increase (though its already high as it is, its likely to go higher). This problem in the US will have world wide impact I am sure in the months to come, though its likely to hit North American in general a hell of a lot harder, to a degree then the rest of the world, then again who knows what the domino effect will end up being in the months to come.

I found one of the best ways of seeing a broadcast thus far is though the FOXNews site, at least its got 15 clips (at this moment that is), each clip is about 5 min long on average but cover a hell of a lot of info. And I have thus far found to be a good source of info, since I can’t seem to get anything running on CNN or the NBC site, other american news stations.

While I was watching the Movie Network yesterday evening, I clicked to NBC and learned that according to NBC they will be having an all star cast tonight giving a concert for hurricane aid, all funds raised to go towards helping those who once lived in the areas which have been affected (mostly New Orleans it does sound like). I’ll not be tuning into watch the cast, since I haven’t a clue to about half the people who will preform, and for that matter I’m not that interested in watching the broadcast.

Another beef I’m having to a degree is all the emails that I’ve gotten yesterday, I’ve gotten well over 1,300 emails all asking for one to send money to the hurricane survivors, to help with what ever. Now I support helping them yes, but getting these emails drives me nuts, to me its spam plain and simple, I didn’t ask for the email to be sent to me, and I’ve actually had to implement a filter to filter out those emails because they have been clogging my email account beyond my normal incoming email counts.

I have given to the Salvation Army, that is my chosen place to give to. I might not be a member of their faith, but I do have family ties to them (a member of my family helped form the Salvation Army way back when) going ways back, not to mention having family members who where raised within the Salvation Army faith.

This is getting to be a three page letter, which means its getting close to wrapping it up for the time being, since its getting late (just past 1am).

Take care everyone,



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