Life happenings

EmploymentWell I’m back at work doing the school photography for another fall season, we’ve just started the season as of this week – so a few bugs to be worked out with people and equipment (nothing major, just standard stuff that happens each season) we appear to have a good crop of new people this year who appear to really enjoy photography as a whole and thus far appear to be putting their whole heart into their work (for all many have only had two or three days worth of in the field training).

I’m looking forwards to getting back into the swing of things, though I 100% admit not to looking forwards to getting ill this season, which seams to happen each season regardless of what I try to do to keep myself from catching anything. But with luck this year will not be as bad as last or the year before last – as in I am hoping that my season this year doesn’t mean the high temps and other complications that I’ve had with previous colds while out in the field.

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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