Life can have its ups and downs

Well the job interview went rather well, and well I got the job, its part time, but it can lead to full time if things work out. I’m very pleased with this, as it’s been important to me to get a job, yes freelance is work, but its not been as stable as I would have liked, at least get me out of the apartment every so often so that I don’t start feeling house bound so to speak, which makes me really really restless not to mention apparently moody.

I do not have all the information about the job just yet, but I do know that it combines two areas that I like, teaching with being creative. I am not teaching in a class room, but more along the lines of setting up teaching material that will be posted to the site for teaching purposes.

It sounds like a good job, and I feel that it will be well worth it, not to mention like other jobs out there it does have the potential for growth within the company, and who knows where it could lead me in the future if I passes my trial period. I say if because there are other’s who they are hiring to see who they do, and well I always believe that there is someone else better then me, so I still give my all, but I know that it might just not be good enough in the end, though I can well hope that it actually is. I’ll keep everyone posted of course as to how work is working on, and of course, what else is happening in my life.

Now I have ta leave for a little while, ta work on some information for our site, but before I do, you might find some of the following Feng Shiu of interest or not.

FURNITURE – Do notice that in Chinese d├ęcor, furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum. This spaciousness allows the cosmic energy of chi to move freely throughout.

CRYSTALS – Do remove the energy of people who have touched your crystals. Gently wash them with sea salt solution. Dry by turning the crystals upside down and allowing the water to drip away.

Take care everyone,



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