Library Books

It has been a while since I ordered books from the Library, but finally signed into my account and looked up a few books that I’d had in my sights regarding Poodles and Fibro and well a few of the titles where in circulation (several are only at the reference library so not able to get them).

Actually got the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fibromyalgia” not really what I was looking for in general, but since anything that might give a little info is better then 0 info though was hoping a physical copy of the digital FibroManual was open but it wasn’t so have to contend myself with the digital version for the time being.

Also got the poodle book that is for grooming to I hope give us an idea of what we can do for grooming storm with the clippers beyond what the breeder told me when we spoke.

Well post more shortly take care!



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