In the Springs for a 153 Days

Well it was an interesting flight down into the US – the AirCanada flight went well – the inflight movie and entertainment was great, saw one ep of CSI that I had not seen, saw a documentry on WWII that was most interesting and for the final hour and forty min of the trip saw an inflight movie of Hotel for Dogs, totally a good movie and I recomend any one get who loves dogs.

Once we toughed down in Denvor however, that was when the nightmare started for us. We should have had just over an hour to get from one flight to the other. Now we have never been into that airport and having gone though OHAR a few times felt that if one can get though that airport that other shouldn’t be to much of an issue – WRONG.

We tried asking for help, and the first time got let out of the air port thus we had to go back to security to get back on track, in the process the twits confacated my glucost tablits and when I said that they were part of my diabetic supplys was told I was welcome to consume them all right there and then, but that they were not allowed in the air port proper – WTF. Even their own blasted web site says that clearly marked diabetic supplies are allowed on flight.

Well after that deal, we got back into the air port proper and once again asked for directions and got the run around, finally we got to the terminal we needed to be at, only to fine we had less then 10 min to get from entry point to the other end of the terminal.

We just made the flight we were the last two on board, and when I did my BG levels I was sitting at 4.5 without any means of boosting my levels up what so ever since there was not going to be any service on the short puddle jump (15 min flight). As soon as we arrived in the Springs we got off and Norman rushed over to the conveniance mart that was acorss from the departure point and got me a pack of twislers and a bottle of water which did help, for a short period of time.

Got though picking up our bags, and then ended up waiting 20 min for his sister, who was already in the terminal waiting for us but who we’d gone right past and never saw – go figure. After some arranging we managed to get the three Large (two 20 pound bags and one 17 pounder) into her rather small car, and we were off to his place.

When we got home, we unpacked a few items while we wainted for his mom to get back to take him in to get his insurance reactivated for his car. From there we went to some market place that is similor to Hy-n-zels not great selection of food choices fresh or other wise but low enough in cost that what we got only hit 90 bucks and change.

Got back home and unloaded the tracker and then headed off to walmart to pick up more stuff we need for the home, plus a few odds and ends. Unfortuanly the bill for this stuff was much higher, higher then we had in our budget – though we needed what we got its still hard to know what we prity much have blown this months budget and we still have a week plus to go.

After all that shopping it was 6pm, and we’d been on the go since 4am EST and it was now 6pm CMT or about 8pm EST we’d been on the go for 17 hours at the point in time and we’d only had one meal breakfast, plus the twizlers and water – I was so NOT feeling good, luck for us his sister was have a BBQ and asked us to join her family for it. So we ended up having hotdogs and steak, which actually tasted prity good then again am thinking only reason it might have was because i was starving for protein and food in general.

Time food was fun it was almost 8pm, and we still needed to unback the rest of our gear – well that never happened, we ended up getting online and doing stuff for a while before my body started kicking me and letting me know that I needed to hit the sack. So about 10pm I did and slept till about 1am when I woke up and thus started the tossing and turning till I stopped that and fianlly got up at 4am – been up ever since.

Well take care everyone post for as time does pass



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