Henry’s Photography Event

Well yesterday was a LONG day it did feel, managed to get to sleep about 3 in the morning even though I went up to sleep about 2 it just wouldn’t come. Had to be up by 8 to get out of the house to go to a conference up near the airport with dad. Talk about operating of a bit of sleep deprivation, not fun at all.

Anyhow, yesterday was not bad calorie ways managed to take in 1,625 calories all told, which is good when all is said and dun and most of it was taken in around supper time – chuckles. For the first time in 5 years I actually had more then 1.5 oz of red meat … and of course paid the price for having 8 oz of the stuff, oh well it was tasty while it lasted and while I was eating it, i don’t regret eating it but at least I do know that my red meat allergy is still in full placement that its not really a sensitivity but a true allergy … sighs/growls.

Well as to the conference, attended a few presentations of which only two where of any interest to me and of which those two where actually helpful with the information they gave. One was a Photojournalism deal, which was presented by a Photojournalist from the Toronto Star, he spoke about his field and what not and all in all he was very informative since well he’s been in the field just over 20 years now.

The other interesting seminar was put on by Apple, for those who are interested in using iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto and of course the use of GarageBand within those deals. I actually have reopened iMovie and am playing around with it, chuckles. I haven’t played around with it since I had my old comp mostly because my old comp wasn’t fast enough to run iMovie with any great speed or the like as in freaking slow and so NOT great for working with it. But ack my new comp flies with iMovie so I might shortly have a movie posted here that I produced (or not still have to figure out what am going to do with it).

While at the conference dad and I ended up splitting a ham and cheese bun because the prices for food there was freaking high as in the bun we had cost just over 6 bucks for a single onion bun with ham and cheese on it – so NOT good at all.

Well thats it for now everyone, take care



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