Happy New Year – 2013

Happy New YearI hope everyone had a great ending to 2012 and that bringing in 2013 went well for you and yours. I know for my own family it went much as it has in previous years, spending the time at home and not doing much of anything save same old same old.

Norman and I had thought about attending the bash at New City Hall with fellow furs but coming up with the tokens to get down to the event wasn’t going to happen and its a little far to walk (though possible to do so, but in the cold and icy side walks to get there not a great 2h walk in the dark to do). So we hope our fellow fur’s enjoyed the event and that everyone arrived home safe and sound.

For our own part Norman and I spent the evening at our computers on Second Life working and not earning much of anything (which was annoying since the set after us the dancers, DJ and host earned a bunch of L, then again the event also had L on the board to be won thus they did get more people in attendance then Norman and I where able to get into club to just dance without a prize to be won) but still its irksome that earning L on SL has become more troublesome then it once was.

Other then SL Norman and I where playing around on Family Farms a game on Facebook that we’ve both gotten into big time (enough so that Norman has used real life funds to by facebook credit so he can buy items within the game, something that I thought I’d never do but I actually broke down and asked for a card for christmas and got one and I’ve used it for that game as well). But I’ve also been playing around on CheifVille a Zanga game, its alright it only runs on my main computer so I only get to play it when I’m on it, can’t play it on my laptop since it needs the latest flash, which isn’t possible to load on my out dated laptop (less up upgraded to Snow, then I could apparently do so).

But at any rate, I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year. I know Norman and I had a rocky start to the new year in the early hours of the morning but before going to bed that had been put in the past where it belongs and we made the most of the start of the new year as we’ve been able to do so.

So once again Happy New Year and may 2013 be a great year for everyone!



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