Happenings and updates

Well its been a while since I really posted anything is any great type – as in most posts of late have only been Food Journal postings which I know are not everyones interest when it comes to reading. The lady knows I don’t like reading over them yet I post them because yes it does help me look over what I’ve been doing and maybe see a trend, though once again i’ve been slacking in posting them and logging the information which just proves that at times even something you think has become habit really isn’t the case.

Still on the job hunt prowl looking for employment and not having much luck – got a few things here and there but nothing that has lasted more then a week or so (as in clean up jobs or simple update jobs type deal).

Got a volunteer deal that I’m working on at the moment that I also did last year and the year before, but so far its not brought in any actual work as a result of it – though it does keep my skills with InDesign and Photoshop going so that is a good thing over all.

As a result of a lot of this N and I have resorted to trying to find what work we can on Second Life and using the L that we make in world and converting it into real life cash once it reaches a certain amount – it doesn’t make much but it sure does help some of the bills that we do have. Which means in general I’m back to dancing in world, making clothing and building.

Dun a few builds that



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