Grumbles at the hospital

Well they have finally been teaching mom how to use the tube – and i’m pissed they are putting her on a diabetic feeding, they are totaly forgetting about the porph side of things which is what cuased all theis crap in the first place (treating the diabetes and forgetting about the porph).

Sighs I am going to be having a few choice words with the nutrishionest who my mom’s care is under and make bloody well sure she freaking well know that is she causes my mom another sever porph attack because of her misguided understandings and treamtments that I will hold her medically responcible for inadiquate care of someone who she bloody well knows has another medical condition which is worse then the diabetes – I don’t care if mom has to go on insulin, and she does agree with me in that regards.

Sighs I so am not feeling up to fighting with yet another medical person over my mom’s care, but since I am the only one who bloody well knows anything about the nurtishion side of things when it comes to it and how the diabetes gets effected looks like its up to me – sighs/growls.

well update more

PS mom comes home Friday we’ve been told with home care several days a week

take care everyone



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