Granville Island and More

Didn’t do much today, at least not for the morning save sleep and rest, while dad did a hell of a lot of calling around to the bus company insurance company and what not in regards to the bus accident that we were in yesterday which ended me in hospital for several hours.

Around noon, we ventured out for a walk. Mostly cause I was getting a Varian of cabin fever, and needed to get out of the hotel for a while regardless of how I was feeling. We walked down to the water front of Yaletown, and found these little mini ferries – we ended up taking what is known as the False Creek Ferries, which travel around the water ways, and got a day pass.

We went to the Market over on Granville Island, which was an interesting experience. That is where we also ended up having lunch, which was interesting since we got to have what we wished, dad ended up having a Salmon Burger with fries, and I had Chicken Don, which was alright, but not what I’ve had in the past at other Sushi based places.

We spent a fair amount of time just walking around looking at things, and in general taking in the sites. After that we got back on the ferry, and took it to another location that dad wanted to check out (the Maritime Museum – though it wasn’t open when we went, not sure why but it wasn’t open that day). After that we headed back to Yaletown, where we first found the ferries, and got off, and headed back to the hotel (cause again I was starting to feel tired and the pain meds had long ago warn off so I was in some major back and neck pain by then).

Later that day, when mom and her helper got back from their trip we went to supper at a local All you can eat Chinese Buffet, which was alright, though thanks to lunch dad’s tummy wasn’t up to having supper that night. The food offered was pretty good, though not that much in way of selection that I would have liked to have had (the price wasn’t that high, but high enough at 15.95), but what was offered was alright. I guess it was more traditional asian then I am use to have access to since it does appear that Toronto’s Asian restaurants are westernized a hell of a lot more then some of those in Vancouver apparently are.

After supper we all head back to the hotel, to watch CSI Miami season 3 premier, which was good. I enjoyed watching it, I don’t know about mom or her helper, but I liked watching it, though I’m not sure if the direction of season three will be that good, cause as much as I like watching the season opener, it wasn’t what I was hoping to see for the season, but time will tell how the third season goes.

Take care everyone,



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