Going though the storage unit

storage binsWell its been interesting going though my folks storage unit that they’ve been maintaining for the past decade and change – Norman and I have been helping dad pull stuff out and go though the various boxes and bags that mom put there on so many years ago, some of it is stuff from when I was a baby or under 10 years of age and other stuff is from when mom was a child, her early teen years and before she meet dad, even found some of dads stuff he had when he came over from England.

Still no sign of the geology papers that mom kept, though Norman and I have managed to find a case of images that date from as easy as the 1800s and are in really good condition unfortunately no notion of who the person is just the date that I think the image was taken and where = grrrr and makes me wish I’d not put this off all these years since mom would have been able to identify more then likely all the images and who was who in them. Though I’m thinking because they are wearing the salvation army emblem that its likely my great grandmother and grandfather and so forth and so on.

Going to have a good load of items to put up for sale during the yard sale next month that the street has, and what isn’t sold will be donated to centre 55 and other charities that will put them to use without reselling them, we hope. The books dad’s going to take to the hospital because they seem to always been in need of reading material and if they are short stories such as in the reader digest so much the better apparently (and we have two full boxes of reader digest hard cover books that granny collected over the years).

Also got a lot of my old toys that as much as I rather not part with them, I’ve not missed them so time to let another person enjoy them. Same goes for a few of my other childhood items, such as my desk and dresser that I really don’t wish to sell but I’ll not use them and if I really need something like them again IKEA is always a possible option.

Same goes for one of my favourite chairs that I’ve been holding onto, but think its time to let it go. I have a whicker circular chair that my folks got me wen I was 13 that I loved to curl up in and read – well its seen better days but is still in other wise good condition but its taking up space we can’t afford and again its as though if I really wonted another one I couldn’t get it or have Norman make me a similar version, so going to pull it and see if it will sell as well. Plus we have his 50+ inch TV that we hauled up from the US that we’re going to try and sell for a decent enough price, with luck it will get sold.

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care.



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