Going though our room

Well been going though sections of our room to clean things out, as we need to part company with a few things (k more then a few things), its proving to be rather hard to declutter – I know it needs to be dun nuts the same time I am having a HARD time doing so big time when I know it needs to be dun because we don’t have the space for it and need to downsize by a LARGE degree.

One thing that I have to keep on top of is my side counter near our bed that I keep piling my stuff on then needing to cull though it and trash it = you’d think I’d learn but I keep not learning the lesson (getting it though my thick skull is proving to be a issue). Same goes for my side of the bed, I keep tossing stuff there and thinking its temp and ya temp it might be but it keeps happening and then growing and needing to be gone though.

So LOTs of stuff still need to be dun and gone though, we’ll get there its just not proving to be easy.



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