Going though images

Well it has been a long day in general, spent it going though a case my mom had put a bunch of images of her growing up, plus other life events and happenings including images of aunts and uncles that I knew nothing about – so needless to say instead of going to the storage unit to get more boxes to go though.

I spent from 11am until almost 8pm (just stopped long enough to cook dinner) scanning not even half the images that mom had packed away. Going to have to email my aunt to see if she can identify many of the people in the images since dad hasn’t got a clue and most of the images have no names on them to even give me a clue who the person might be (if they are relative or family friend).

It is interesting going though the images and papers that mom packed away oh so many years ago (long before I was born, from the looks of some of them since the youngest image I have found thus far is from 1974 (the year she meet dad) and the oldest 1800s or so. Found several images of my mom’s dad images I’ve never seen of him and its amazing how young he looked from when he was in the war till his death (from cancer).

Going to be interesting to go though more and see what images mom did end up packing away from her past, still trying to find the genealogy records that she said she did up!

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone.



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