Getting use to mobile

Well things have been happeng and thus I’m now more connected then I once was when it comrs to my phone. First it wsd just the koboarc that connected me more while out n about though ya it needed a wifi hot spot to work outside the home but still better then nothing like before. Then a week  or so later my main cell stops working much like Ns did seversl months ago which forced me to get a new cell. This time round I knew I couldn’t afford to buy out right so went eith a two year contract n ended up paying about 100 bucks for a samsung note whatever edition.

So far it’s been interesting n the learning curve is not to bad its still there nun the less since I went from nothing to something. And am still getting use to not having a physical keyboard to type with  this virtual one is going to take some getting use to that is for sure.

Work wise though its been most helpful in looking at sites to make sure they view semi alright mobile wise, def a new perspective to design for that us going to take a bit for me to get my mind around but doable.



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