Getting Tired of some people…

Well I am getting really tired of my site’s being over run with junk joiners, and add to that the junk joiners who are really spammers who post crap to my site that I the have to temp shut down and clean up.

Add to it, that now my primary account that I use to post all articles, forum topics and replies somehow got deleted, and I can’t see to retrieve it.

I do have aback up of the site, but I am not sure how to go about using it to restore the site – since I’ve never dun it before (never had a up to date back up to be able to do it for that matter). Add to the fact that I do not have access to my main computer with all my site access codes (and I can’t find the back up info I stored on DVD to bring with me).

Sighs, I am about ready to through in the towel at say For-Get-It … but that would be letting them win, which I really do not wish to do. But after almost 7 years of this crap happening and not being able to keep a head of it I am getting tired of re-doing things, cleaning up crap and in general spending more time keeping the site from spammers and hacker then actually posting good solid info.

Maybe it is time to change the back to what it started out as – that being a static site, pure HTML pages, no bells or frills, no interaction. Or if there is interaction it might only be though an external supported forum (such as what ing offers). My other option is try out WordPress as a CMS and see if I can get the site redeveloped under that program. I know WP is a blog, but I have read that it can be used as a CMS and I’ve seen a few sites that appear to use it as such, it just looks a little confusing as to how to set it us and make it workable for newbies and old timers a like.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve had the current site up and funning since 2006, and have always been able to keep it going, but this latest invasion just make me feel like its not worth it any longer. I know it is because I’d had some great feedback from the site (but I also know since its been getting spammed more and more that readership has fallen as have those people who really would join aren’t doing so, likely cause they keep seeing the spam.



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