Getting Caught Up on Spark

Well its been a time since I had much to spend on being on Spark, beyond entering data (cardio and food)

The few teams that i am leader of have unfortunately suffered to degrees, though one I am thankful to say has a co-leader who is doing a good job in keeping it going in my leave.

At times I wonder why I am a member of so many teams here on SP, yet when I go though them to clean them out at times I just can’t do it since something will catch my attention and for that I’ll stay, yet if no activity has been recorded for the year I will drop it (even 6 months depending on the team). I do wish that I had more time for SP in my life as I once had, but its not the case.

Oh well one does play catch up with various things in life and SP is just one more of those things that at times I am playing catch up with 🙁

Take care everyone!



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