Fridays, they can be good

Well last week at work was interesting and I did enjoy it for the most part, though crashing the computer several times was not something I liked that much, though it did apparently amuse the Techie’s, though after the 5th crash it was not as amusing as it was the first couple of times, but such is life with computers.

We are getting a new dishwasher, as the one we currently have is on the fritze and it is not worth getting it repaired, thus the landlord is springing for a new one (one of our main reasons for getting this place was the fact that it came with a dish washer, as neither of us like doing dishes). We have no idea what the new dishwasher will look like or function but well its bound to work far better then the current one which takes two times to clean dishes, once to clean and the second time round to get the suds off that where left after the first wash.

Well as life does pass here is another Feng Shui saying about the Lunar New Year – May you be blessed with abundant good health, wealth, and harmonious relationships on this New Year’s Day in this Year of the Rooster, 4703 in the Chinese calendar.

Take Care Everyone,



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