First Work Week Over

Well, it has been a good week of working (3 days, but still good), I have enjoyed it very much. Its not all as I thought it to be, but then again what could I know till I’d tried it and seen what is dun. Well I have my schedule and its pretty good, I’m averaging three days a week of work, of those three days the time I come in is my own (average between 10 am till an average of 5 p.m.) which is cool as far as I’m concerned, then again it also means that if they need to have me in sooner then I’m scheduled to come in that they will call me to come in earlier then I was going to, which works for me.

Feng Shui saying in regards to the use of the Colour Green – Don’t use green in earth areas (SW or NE). Green symbolizes wood, which destroys earth, just as a tree’s roots can crack open a cement sidewalk.

Well take care everyone,



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