Furnal Equinox 2011 – part 1

Furnal Equinox 2011 LOGOWell Norman and I arrived at the hotel slightly later then we had planed on arriving but at least where arrived before 10am so we where on time for our security shift to start. Funny thing was for all that we had signed up in advance for the con itself the badges that we should have gotten we didn’t get, they couldn’t find them in their files, so we had to refill out the paperwork ::shakes head:: oh well it happens.

So after that we got set up with security got issued our T-shirts and our walkie-talkie, unlike most security teams since we are working as a couple and not as individuals they split the walkie-talkie between the two of us, though we do go our separate ways from time to time, for the most part we’re “glued” to each other while at the con.

Our first shift was working gate, which isn’t that had in general and proved to be lots of fun in general. Each shift lasted two hours, so after our gate shift we where roaming which means we get to walk around the main level of the hotel and make sure things are alright for all con goers.

After our first two shifts, Norman and I went up to our room at the hotel that my folks had booked for us – if they hadn’t booked it we’d not have been able to attend (or so we first though, turned out we actually had crash space open to us, that no one told us about ::facepaws::) We settled in before he got on his fursuit and we headed back down to the con, where he socialized with others for a short time, but not for as long as he’d have liked to do so because he was over heating made him realize that the suit he has might not be ideal for being out and about as some of the other suits out there in general, he actually talked to one person who makes heads and suits and who takes payments (installments) and he’s actually thinking of commissioning her to build him a new head, once he gets work so can afford to do so.

He’s not the only one thinking that, when I get working and can do so I’d likely do the same in time if the stuff the head is made of I don’t prove to have an allergic reaction to as I have with the head we where starting to build for me, which is why if he does get the head built I’ll try it on and wear it a while to see if I react or not – so time will tell if I end up with a suit head or not.

After being around and having a few photographs taken of him in hit suit we headed back up to our room and changed into our regular clothing and got our computers together so that we could get to our panel that we’d signed up to do, which was “Furs in Second Life” it didn’t start all that well, we get into the panel room only to find that the connection that was in sure for the computers wasn’t going to work with my MacBook, so it was a good thing that Norman had brought his laptop with him as well (it was suppose to run as back up but it became the primary, thus he took lead for the panel over me, which worked well enough).

Then to ad some insult to injury it took him several tries to get onto Second Life because it would start to load and then it would crash, as we put it “Load to Crash, a common SL happenstance”. But once we got it up and running we got into the panel, it didn’t go as I had hopped for it to go, since all the notes I’d put together was with my comp as primary so kind of had to do a switch around and work around, but in the end I think it went fair well – or as well as can be expected under the circumstances.

The panel actually ran longer then it was suppose to do so, but once it was over with Norman and I went back to our room and got into our security clothing because we where already running late for our evening shift, which ended up getting intrepid half way though with con-op’ issues that had to be take care of, in regards to Saturdays going ons. But it all got sorted out and when it was we came back to our room got dressed to go out for dinner at Harvies – not the best meal but can’t beat the cost of it in general for two people (two can dine for 9.99).

So all in all a long and busy day, but it worked out well and for the most part was enjoyable for us.



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