Update on Norman

Well Storm did rather well with all that was going on with Norman at the ER today and yes I did end up being awake for 24 hours and then some – managed to get in about an hour or so of sleep before getting woken up and not being able to get back to sleep again.

Pain wise while at the ER I was functional but at the time passed and the closer to 24 hours it got the less functional I became and the more the pain started to ride my seances so went from a functional 6 to a nearly functional 8 by time we where able to leave and head home.

As to what happened with Norman while in the ER, they ruled out it being his appendix which was their first worry and his, and ruled out a stroke since he actually lost the ability to move and feel his right side (which was 100% not normal for him its normally his left that is effected after such a seizure). The attending emergency doc thinks that the cold he caught and passed to me and recaught was the trigger for his issues as his medication levels are on the low side of therapeutic (so could stand tone higher by a little bit – as in when ill taking that extra 4th dosage isn’t a bad idea).

I learned a few other things about Storm while in there, things that need working on and that if she is going to be on a polished surface like the floors of a hospital that she needs to have a blanket to settle on as she unlike Payton just can’t settle enough to rest/sleep on such a surface. Also learned that her hand commands is prity solid she does know them and will follow them in a distracted environment (which I was wondering about since I’d only started to use them a few weeks ago).

Payton for his own side of things, needs more work with Norman as he follows my lead before he follows Norman when we’re together so that is something that needs to be worked on more – though not really bad, but meant I had to take him to the WC when I needed to go and leave Storm (who wasn’t happy for me to go out of her sight) with Norman because to leave him meant he tried to follow me (not good).

Oh well lessons learned and insight gained, hope everyone is well post more as time does allow for it, take care.



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