Well Payton has come a very long way since he first came into our lives and has been bonding with Norman rater well – though at times it still appears that he has a preference for me, for all I am trying to make sure he understand’s that Norman is his primary (Norman keeps telling me its how animals are around me, big time dogs – he might be right but it doesn’t stop the fact that Payton needs to be his constant shadow type deal).

At any rate I am pleased with progress that Payton is making, but like all things there have been set backs and I am struggling how to try and socialize him with other dogs without the other dogs going into aggressive mode for some blasted strange reason – as in there are more dogs that are aggressive then passive so trying to find those he can socialize with and just be a dog is becoming a issue as he is starting to have issues with not being able to play with any dog.

But I can say that having Norman walk him in the mornings instead of me doing it or us as a couple has been a good thing for their bonding, I still walk with them but its in the evening and if we all go out together.

Well post more as time does allow for it.



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