Our Wedding Has Been Set

Well we have set a month to get married, just need to set a date (which depends on so many things, but temp we are thinking the 30th, though I think 23rd better, but like all things need to see what works best for what we are doing).

I know he would like it to be sooner, as in March 2009 – but even my mom said that was to soon for her or dad’s confort but that september or there about is good with them – since they will be footing the bill (or at least a good portion of it thus we have a max of 25 people that we can invite to the wedding, we’ve been told – so a small wedding in general, but hay its all good).

Now I just have to figure out who to invite, and who I will have as bridemades – going to be fun when I have few female freinds to start with. Norman might have his brother in law as his best man, but we are not sure yet. Like I said things are still up in the air in many regards.

Take care everyone,



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