Norman’s 33rd Birthday

Well Sunday was Norman’s 33rd birthday.

As birthday’s went it could have been better, but at least he wasn’t alone for it as was normal for him and at least his family didn’t play a prank on him for it as they have in the past.

In fact his family did nothing, save scarf down the cake he got – sing him happy birthday … nothing else what so ever. Sighs, its not a surprise though since we haven’t been invited to any of their birthday parties that they have had since we moved down here, not a single one, not even if we got them a gift where we invited, like WTH!

I am almost dreading my birthday down here next month. It will be my second birthday in my life to date without my folks being there – I have no idea what he has planned for my birthday, I don’t even know what I wont for my birthday other then for us to be back up in Canada with my folks and Griff.

Well for Norman’s birthday we went to a local spiritual shop and he got himself a journal that he’d been eyeing from them for a while now, then we drove to Red Lobster and had the All you can Eat Shrimp platter, he had the Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Hand Breaded Shrimp and two orders of the Shrimp Teriyaki and I had 3 orders of the Garlic Shrimp Scampi and a single order of the Hand Breaded shrimp (which I didn’t finish, I was to stuffed).

We did have to wait before we where seated, but instead of the wait that I was expecting do to the amount of people there, we where seated within the time they said (10 to 15 min – where I was expecting a good hour that I over heard the person say to other parties).

The meal itself I rounded to 50 bucks which means it comes into about 54.00 Canadian a little pricy for what we got in general but since I did say we could go where he wished to go, its well worth it. On this area I do agree with my dad and mom special occasions you have a budget but you try to stay within it but if not at least enjoy it to the fullest and I was under what I was willing to pay for the day, so all is good in that area.

When all is said and dun we spent about 100 bucks between us on his birthday – so not bad in general. My folks sent him down a money order for him to buy what he wished with it (he’s saving it for when I am gone if he needs extra funds for what ever reason, that or for when I come down around christmas time – he’s not 100% sure yet).

Well I hope everyone is taking care, post more later.



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