General Woman’s Session of the LDS (General Conference)

Well not for everyone to listen to or watch, but if you are LDS or even interested in the LDS then their General Conferences are apparently something to be watched or attended – with that in mind both N and I chose to listen and semi watch (easer to listen then watch when the feed kept cutting in and out on us) the cast of this years Woman’s Session that was dun today at 6pm mountain time. The general conference itself will be taking place next weekend (6 days from today) on April 4th and 5th 2015.

One thing that did catch me when the cast was starting was just how BIG the place that it was taking place at is – my jaw dropped at the where size of the place, to me it looked like a concert hall or baseball stadium in size and that organ that is front and centre talk about sweet, I am thinking that it could really belt out some glorious tunes if played by a professional organist. N said that maybe one day if I like we might take a trip and see the place, part of me thinks great idea the other part of me is like sorry not interested (ya I’m torn part of me is interested and part of me isn’t – mostly interested because of the artecture of the place looks to be really interesting and the photographer in my is like what angles and shots I could get of that place ::chuckles::).

As far as the actual cast of the conference goes, it was all right I guess. I was not very connected with any of it since it meant very little to me and I couldn’t relate to any of it on any level in my life. I’m not a mother nor will I ever be. My own folks made it known that each other was first before me just as their folks and dun before them, etc. Which from the point of view I was seeing/hearing is wrong yet to me normal and something I have no issue with better to know where you stand then be told one thing yet feel another regardless of what you are shown and taught (as N can attest to growing up within the LDS).

The singing that was dun during the cast was decent though really I’m not overly engaged with the music that is sung, its mostly just words without connection or much meaning to me and I don’t relate to it as yet. Funny part about the singing was that N started to sing along to many of the songs that where sung, since he’s actually memorized all of them for what ever reason (he said he was told he had to know them off by heart, but to still remember them after all these years to me is wow).

The couple of videos that where played during the cast where different since they didn’t play smooth I can’t tell you anything about them because on my end of the screen it was a lot of jump cuts and long pauses between things so made little to no sense to watch or listen to (the buffer didn’t catch enough it does seem to be able to play it back right).

Near the end is when it got a tad more interesting if not a bit annoying if you are Childfree then parts of this address that was this years deal might be a real tick off to you or not depending on your reasons for being childfree. I know I don’t agree with a LOT of the things said here and I’ll fully admit that near the end of it I was taking back to the screen because of some of the things that where said. What can I say anyone who knows me know’s that I don’t agree that being a parent means that you automatically are a “chief, hairdresser, taxi driver, coach, etc” I’m sorry those things you are not and to say you are is just wishful thinking on your own personal part. You might do a version of those things for your family but as a profession hop far from it unless you are trained in those fields and hold the necessary certificates to prove it.

Other wise all in all it was an interesting conference to listen to I found, since it was my very first that I’ve chosen to even tune into. Below you can have a listen/view of it yourself if you wish to do so as I’ve used their linking stuff to post it here to my blog.



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